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US claims Iran tried to shoot down drone

By Peter Symonds, November 12, 2012

The incident has the character of a US provocation designed to exacerbate the tense situation in the Persian Gulf.

US sought use of British bases for war against Iran

By Peter Symonds, October 27, 2012

US access to military bases on Cyprus, Ascension Island and Diego Garcia would significantly boost the Pentagon’s ability to wage round-the-clock air strikes against Iran.

US-Israeli preparations for war against Iran

By Peter Symonds, October 25, 2012

The US and Israel are currently conducting their largest-ever joint military exercise to ready Israel’s anti-missile systems for a conflict with Iran.

US Defense Secretary warns of “Pearl Harbor” cyber attack by Iran

By Niall Green, October 15, 2012

In a speech in New York Thursday, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned that the US faced a threat from Iran equivalent to September 11 or the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

US, Israel plan joint strikes on Iran

By Jean Shaoul, October 10, 2012

The US and Israel are planning joint strikes against Iran, according to reports in the Israeli media and Foreign Policy magazine.

US wages economic war on Iran

By Peter Symonds, October 6, 2012

As in the case of Iraq, the US-led sanctions on Iran are designed to weaken the country in the lead-up to a military attack.

US removes Iranian MEK from terrorist list

By Peter Symonds, October 3, 2012

Whether Washington brands a group as “terrorist” or not is determined purely by whether it serves the interests of American imperialism.

Netanyahu’s war ultimatum at the UN

By Barry Grey, October 1, 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s belligerent and provocative speech last Thursday before the United Nations General Assembly underscored that plans for an unprovoked military attack on Iran are far advanced.

Israeli prime minister lays out path to war with Iran

By Joseph Kishore, September 28, 2012

In a speech before the UN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded a “red line” for Iran’s nuclear program that would lead to military action in the spring or summer of next year.

US elections conceal preparations for war with Iran

By Barry Grey, September 27, 2012

In the midst of a presidential election campaign, the fact that plans for war against Iran are far advanced is being concealed from the American people.

Israeli leader presses Obama to set trigger for war against Iran

By Peter Symonds, September 18, 2012

Netanyahu’s remarks were designed to create the false impression that the country is on the brink of building a nuclear weapon.

Obama considers new “red lines” against Iran

By Peter Symonds, September 5, 2012

The laying down of “red lines”—that is, the triggers for war—would bring the prospect of an unprovoked US attack on Iran one step closer.