ABC Africa
directed by Abbas Kiarostami
a documentary by Joachim Tschirner, directed by Chris Smith
Afghan Star
directed by Havana Marking
Afghan Massacre—Convoy of Death
directed by Jamie Doran
After Winter Comes Spring
directed by Helke Misselwitz
Amsterdam Global Village
directed by Johan van der Keuken
Aristocrats, The
directed by Paul Provenza
Battle for Chile, The
directed by Patricio Guzman
Billy the Kid
directed by Jennifer Venditti
Body of War
written and directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro
Breaking the Silence
written and directed by John Pilger
Brecht: 100 Years
directed by Ottokar Runze
Buena Vista Social Club
directed by Wim Wenders
Charles Mingus: Triumph of the Underdog
directed by Don McGlynn
Chile, Obstinate Memory
directed by Patricio Guzman
directed by Terry Zwigoff
Disappearance of TiSoeur: Haiti After Duvalier
directed by Harriet Hirshorn
Divine Body
directed by Dominique Loreau
Eisenstein: The Master's House
directed by Marianna Kirejewa and Alexander Iskin
Facing the Music
directed by Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson
Fahrenheit 9/11
written and directed by Michael Moore
Farm, The : Angola, USA
directed by Jonathan Stack and Elizabeth Garbus
Father, Son and Holy Torum
directed by Mark Soosaar
Gunner Palace
directed by Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein
Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, & the Selling of American Empire
written and directed by Jeremy Earp and Sut Jhally
Homesick Eyes
directed by Hsu Hsiao-ming
Hoop Dreams
a film by Steve James, Frederick Marx and Peter Gilbert
Immigrant Memories: The North African Inheritance
a documentary film by Yamina Benguigui
directed by Ken Fero
Journeys with George
directed by Aaron Lubarsky and Alexandra Pelosi
Kisangani Diary
directed by Hubert Sauper and Zsuzsanna Vakonyi
LaLee's Kin: The Legacy of Cotton
directed by Susan Froemke, Deborah Dickson and Albert Maysles
Letters to Ali
directed by Clara Law
Love, Revolution and Other Dangerous Things
directed by Jutta Brückner
Manns: a Novel of a Century, The and a comment

directed by Heinrich Breloer
Mark Twain
directed by Ken Burn
Neo-Fascist Trilogy, The
directed by Amos Gitai

directed by Heddy Honigmann
Pasolini, an Italian Crime

directed by Marco Tullio Giordana
directed by Vicki Funari
directed by Andrzej Klamt and Ulrich Rydzewski
directed by B.Z. Goldberg, Justine Shapiro and Carlos Bolado
Public Housing
directed, edited and produced by Frederick Wiseman: A look at Chicago's poor
Punishment, The
a documentary film by Goran Rebic
Red Hunt
a documentary film by Cho Sung-bong
Russia's Wonder Children
directed by Irene Langemann
Silence of the Quandts, The
directed by Eric Friedler and Barbara Siebert
Six Day Fight in Myong Dong Cathedral
directed by Kim Dong-won
directed by Paul Jenkins

Spirits of the 1000 Hills
directed by Isabella Sandri
Standing in the Shadow of Motown
directed by Paul Justman
Trade Off
directed by Shaya Mercer
Underground Messages
directed by Andreas Hoessli
Year After Dayton, The
directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

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