The Struggle in the Auto Industry

WSWS video coverage of auto workers issues

In 2007, the World Socialist Web Site began its use of video to present coverage of the issues and struggles of auto workers. Starting with the most recent first, use the dots in the upper-right corner of the media box to scroll our gallery in reverse chronological order.

The struggle in the auto industry

Ford workers speak on contract rejection
Ford workers speak on contract rejection
Ford workers speak out against concessions contract
Ford workers speak out against concessions contract
Flint vid
Flint, Michigan and the bankruptcy of General Motors
MI auto vid
GM workers on bankruptcy and plant closings
MI auto vid
Michigan auto workers and families speak on plant closures
GM vote
GM workers speak out on concessions contract
Chrysler vote
Chrysler workers speak on concessions vote
UK Visteon workers speak on occupation
UK Visteon workers speak on occupation
GM and Chrysler workers oppose more concessions
GM and Chrysler workers oppose more concessions
Chrysler workers oppose Obama auto plan
Chrysler workers oppose Obama auto plan

Ford workers: “Now the fight is with our own union.”
GM workers videoGM workers denounce concession demands Chrysler workers oppose pay cuts
Chrysler workers oppose pay cuts, concessions
Chrysler workers denounce pay cuts
Chrysler workers denounce pay cuts
Highland Park
The rise and fall of Highland Park, Michigan
Kandy O'Neill
Kandy O'Neill speaks to the WSWS

Detroit American Axle Workers Speak on UAW Sellout

American Axle strikers denounce UAW sellout contract

Tensions mount as American Axle strike enters 10th week

American Axle strikers rally outside shareholders' meeting

UAW officials try intimidation at American Axle meeting

WSWS reporting from American Axle strike in Detroit

Jerry White reports for WSWS from American Axle strike

WSWS speaks with American Axle strikers in Detroit

WSWS at American Axle in Cheektowaga, New York

American Axle Strike in Danger

WSWS at American Axle picket line in Detroit 3/31/08

The WSWS reports from the American Axle strike in Detroit

WSWS reports from American Axle strike in Detroit

American Axle and Chrysler workers in Detroit speak out

American Axle Strikers in Detroit Defy Wage-Cut Demands

Arrests on American Axle picket line in Detroit

WSWS speaks to striking auto workers in Detroit

WSWS Interviews Striking American Axle Workers

WSWS Speaks to Ford Workers

WSWS speaks to Detroit Chrysler workers

Jim Lawrence, GM worker & 2004 SEP candidate, on GM pact

UAW Officials in Michigan Threaten Socialist Equality Party

General Motors strikers in Michigan speak to WSWS

Recent Articles on Auto from the WSWS

February 12: Toyota recall highlights crisis in global auto industry

February 10: The class divide between US auto workers and the UAW

February 6: Anger toward UAW erupts at California auto workers meeting

February 4: GM: More Opel factories in Europe threatened with closure

January 28: A socialist program to defend jobs at Opel
For a rebellion against the nationalist policies of the trade unions

January 28: Belgium: Opel plant to close in Antwerp

January 25: GM announces closure of Opel plant in Antwerp
The nationalist poison of the trade unions

January 25: GM to close Antwerp Opel plant

January 15: Sweden: Saab workers protest as GM begins winding down operations

December 30: GM confirms closure of Saab

December 22: UAW installs Bob King as new president

December 18: Sweden: GM threatens Saab shutdown by year’s end

12 December: Germany: Daimler shifts production to US

11 December: Opel works council chairman praises GM leadership

28 November: GM Europe announces 9,000 job cuts

14 November: Opel, General Motors and German-American relations

9 November: The Ford vote and the UAW’s defenders

7 November: Opel workers in Germany protest threatened mass redundancies

5 November: The Opel-Magna fraud
A betrayal of GM employees in Europe

3 November: After workers defeat concessions demand
Ford reports $1 billion in third quarter profits

3 November: Anxious to thwart cross-border struggle
CAW rams through concessions at Ford Canada

2 November: The “No” vote at Ford

31 October: Video: Ford workers speak out against concessions contract

30 October: Opel’s future once again up for grabs

30 October: Indian auto dispute sparks mass protest, shuts Ford Canada plant

30 October: WSWS speaks to workers who exposed GM payoff to Canadian auto union

29 October: The way forward for Ford workers

28 October: Mass opposition grows
Ford workers speak out against contract

27 October: Mass opposition to Ford-UAW concessions contract

24 October: UAW says key local passed Ford contract by 51 percent
Many workers call vote a “fraud”

24 October: Russia: Workers at AvtoVaz protest against mass layoffs

21 October: Ford workers oppose UAW demand for concessions

16 October: Reject UAW-Ford concession demands
Elect rank-and-file committees to defend jobs and living standards

15 October: Swedish government to provide backing to Saab sale

14 October: Nationalist tensions deepen over Magna’s purchase bid for GM Europe

14 October: Workers expose GM payoff to Canadian auto union officials

13 October: UAW reaches new concessions agreement with Ford

9 October: GM to cut 10,500 more jobs by year’s end

8 October: Opel/Vauxhall takeover by Magna
Unions play off workers against one another

2 October: General Motors to liquidate Saturn brand

30 September: GM shuts down assembly plant in Pontiac, Michigan

22 September: Canadian Auto Workers offers concessions to Ford

22 September: Open letter to Opel and Vauxhall auto workers from German SEP candidate

21September: Britain: Asset stripping followed government bailout of MG Rover

17 September: The GM-Magna deal
German metal workers’ union backs government in geostrategic power struggle

16 September: With a green light from company trade unions
The Porsche and Piëch clans pillage Volkswagen

14 September: Following GM announcement on new talks with Magna
German auto union offers further concessions to Opel

5 September: Negotiations over future of carmaker Opel face collapse

1 September: Toyota announces closure of manufacturing plant in California

28 August: GM and Opel: the struggle for dominance in the global auto market

26 August: The bidding war for Opel and German-Russian relations

25 August: Unite all Detroit area workers to defend public education and defeat the attack on jobs and living standards!

18 August: South Korea: The political lessons of the Ssangyong occupation

15 August: Maneuvers continue in GM-Opel takeover IG Metall sanctioning destruction of thousands of jobs

7 August: Korean unions end Ssangyong occupation on company terms

3 August: Germany: Management speculation threatens survival of Porsche car works

1 August: Who is Klaus Franz? The evolution of the Opel union leader

27 July: South Korea: Riot police sent to break Ssangyong occupation

23 July: Unions systematically divide Opel, GM-Europe workers

22 July: Germany: Unions support dismantling of over 10,000 jobs at Opel What lies behind the “workers equity investment scheme”?

17 July: Fifty thousand General Motors retirees face destruction of benefits
Interview with a former New Jersey auto worker

17 July: Discussion with Opel worker: “Joint resistance is necessary”

16 July: Ousted GM head gets $10 million retirement package

15 July: Germany: Opel workers oppose cuts in holiday pay

11 July: The new GM

7 July: Bankruptcy judge approves sale of GM assets

3 July: Chrysler plants reopen as assault on auto workers deepens

30 June: Organize rank-and-file committees to stop plant closings and overturn UAW concessions!

29 June: Sweden: Luxury automaker Koenigsegg announces purchase of Saab

June: The GM bankruptcy and the middle-class “left” organizations

20 June: “It’s going to be an absolute bloodbath”
Obama, Harper force bankruptcy on auto parts industry

17 June: Major banks made whole in GM bankruptcy

13 June: Video: Flint, Michigan and the bankruptcy of General Motors

11 June: Employees speak on Chrysler dealership closure

9 June: White House had long planned GM and Chrysler bankruptcies

8 June: GM plant closures devastate Detroit suburbs

6 June: The Opel fraud
Opel: Magna deal means layoffs, wage cuts and splitting of the European workforce

5 June: Video: Michigan GM workers speak on bankruptcy and plant closings

4 June: Video: Michigan auto workers and families speak on plant closures

4 June: New York Times on the UAW’s corporatism: a rewriting of history

3 June: Obama offers nothing to states, cities devastated by GM plant closures

2 June: What’s good for GM…

2 June: GM bankruptcy will devastate communities

2 June: India: Hyundai Motors victimizes workers

1 June: The GM bankruptcy

30 May: On eve of GM bankruptcy
Obama administration targets the working class

30 May: The Opel rescue plan: Who is being rescued?

30 May: Auto parts maker Visteon files for bankruptcy

29 May:Wall Street throws General Motors into bankruptcy

28 May: Video: GM workers speak out on concessions contract

May: Reject GM-government-UAW blackmail!
Organize rank-and-file committees to defeat concessions and defend all jobs!

26 May: Opel rescue plan: German unions offer wage cuts

23 May: UAW, Inc.

22 May: Canada’s political elite spearheads attack on GM workers

19 May: White House relies on UAW to ram through GM job cuts, concessions

19 May: SEP candidate for Detroit mayor campaigns among auto workers, city residents

16 May: Closures of US auto dealerships will cost tens of thousands of jobs

15 May: A socialist strategy for American Axle workers

15 May: Unions, Democrats sponsor reactionary “Keep it Made in America” rallies

14 May: GM Europe and the global fight for jobs

12 May: Fiat plans mass sackings and plant closures throughout Europe

9 May: Huge GM losses push automaker towards bankruptcy

8 May: Protesting Continental workers occupy Sarreguemines factory

6 May: Germany: IG Metall union backs Magna bid to acquire Opel

5 May: Chrysler, GM set the pace
Obama administration spearheads wage cuts for American workers

5 May: Chrysler bankruptcy sets stage for assault on GM workers

5 May: Chrysler, GM set the pace
Obama administration spearheads wage cuts for American workers

5 May: Chrysler bankruptcy sets stage for assault on GM workers

2 May: The Chrysler bankruptcy

May: As Chrysler shutters its factories
Workers denounce UAW concessions

1 May: Video: Chrysler workers speak on concessions vote

1 May: Chrysler declares bankruptcy

1 May: German trade union implements wage cuts at Opel

30 April: Bitter outcome of UAW sabotage of 2008 strike
Detroit American Axle plant to close

29 April: Michigan auto workers denounce Chrysler-UAW concessions

29 April: Contract betrayal will give UAW majority ownership in Chrysler

28 April: Defend jobs, wages and benefits! Vote “No” on Chrysler-UAW concessions! Oppose job cuts at GM!

27 April: Canadian Auto Workers union imposes draconian concessions on Chrysler workers

25 April: Thousands rally in Toronto against Liberals’ rescinding of pension guarantee

24 April: Chrysler could file for bankruptcy as early as next week

24 April: Chrysler Financial executives refused loans to avoid compensation caps

23 April: Defend pensions, jobs, and wages! No concessions!
Auto workers need a socialist strategy

21 April: General Motors accelerates job cuts as bankruptcy deadline approaches

21 April: Opel-General Motors breakup will mean plant closures and mass redundancies

18 April: Head of Obama’s auto task force linked to investment fraud

18 April: Canada: Conservative and Liberal governments gang up against auto workers

17 April: Visteon workers reject “derisory” redundancy offer

17 April: Germany: Union demands auto workers give up wage rise

16 April: Obama, automakers step up blackmail of GM and Chrysler workers

14 April: White House pushing GM toward bankruptcy

10 April: The deindustrialization of Detroit

9 April: The UAW’s silence

8 April: Occupations at UK Visteon plants continue despite legal threats

7 April: New York: Magna auto parts workers reject cutbacks in face of shutdown threat

4 April: Workers occupy car parts factories in England and Northern Ireland

3 April: Obama’s “Path to Viability for GM & Chrysler”: The ruthless language of Wall Street

1 April: Media backs Obama’s assault on US auto workers

1 April: Detroit auto workers denounce Obama's concession demands

31 March: Obama declares war on auto workers

31 March: Obama demands deeper cuts in auto workers’ jobs, wages, benefits

30 March: As Chrysler-Canada-CAW talks reach impasse
Workers denounce union for imposing concessions

27 March: Reject CAW sellout at Chrysler! Mobilize autoworkers across North America to defend all jobs and oppose all concessions!

26 March: The Opel crisis fuels divisions in Germany’s coalition government

24 March: Obama’s auto task force: a collection of Wall Street investors and asset strippers

20 March: Autoworkers end factory occupation in Windsor, Ontario

19 March: Auto parts workers occupy closed plant in Windsor, Canada
CAW moves to block broader struggle against layoffs

18 March: New York Times columnist who demanded concessions from auto workers, “makes case” for AIG bonuses

18 March: Britain: Unions agree cuts in hours and pay at Toyota

11 March: German union officials propose double-digit wage cuts for Opel-GM workers

10 March: Oppose Canadian Auto Workers surrender to GM
Fight all concessions and job cuts!

7 March: Germany: Blackmail tactics against Opel workers

6 March: The collapse of General Motors

6 March: Worker opposition to Ford-UAW agreement reflected in votes

6 March: Video: Ford workers say “Now the fight is with our own union.”

2 March: “A war waged by the rich against the poor”
Ford workers oppose new concessions